Gap Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Gap Credit Card Login:

Login Instructions:

1. The first step made a lot easier by jumping right to this page:,6093377,4&clink=6093377 This page is the actual login page that you can only get to through a google search or through a small chase from page to page with little, hard-to-read buttons.
2. When you find yourself on this site, you can start to enter in your login information. Unlike most sites, Gap uses a user ID for the first layer to your account protection.
3. For this section, enter in your user ID so you can get in, if you remember it. 
4. Assuming you do have your user ID (we have instructions for what to do if you don't remember it as well) type it in on this page and press the "Login" button.
5. Now, you should see an image you recognize from when you started your account. If you don't recognize the image, you would have entered in your user ID wrong. In that case, back out of this page and try again.
6. Next, you need to enter in your password. Type it in carefully so you don't have to redo this process.


User ID Reset Instructions:

1. If you have forgotten your user ID, click on the link that says "look up my user ID." This link will take you to a page that looks almost more like a member login page than the actual login page.
2. Here, there are two fields. On the top, as labeled, you need to type in your account number. 
3. Next, there is another text field under the account number field. Enter in the last four digits of your social security number. This may seem really sketchy, but Gap uses this to protect your account in case someone other than you tried to gain access to your account.
4. When these fields are filled in, go ahead and press the red-lettered continue button. From here, you need to follow the instructions that the web pages give you in order to find out what your user ID is.

Contact Information:

1. Gap Phone number: 1.800.GAPSTYLE (1.800.427.7895)
GapCard phone number: 800-887-1198
Gap Visa® Card phone number: 866-450-4467 
Gap Silver Card phone number: 888-427-7458

2. Email:
3. Snail Mail Address: Gap Customer Service
100 Gap Online Drive
Grove City, OH 43123